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Day one in Yellowstone West Thumb Geyser Basin

Had to stop for a entrance sign shot

Lots of 1988 burned out areas along US89

Lewis River Canyon / Lewis River

Lunch along Lewis Lake

West Thumb Gyser Basin

Collapsing Pool

Ledge Spring

Percolating Spring

Surging Spring

Thumb Geyser

Ephedra Spring

West Thumb Lake Yellowstone in the background. The mountains are 15-20 miles away

Blue Funnel Spring

Twin Geyser

Abyss Pool

Big Cone

Black Pool

Fishing Cone

Lakeshore Geyser and Spring

Lake Yellowstone and various springs and geysers

The mudpots at the entrance to the geyser basin

Sunset from the basin and moonrise over the Lake

We stayed at Grant Village and ate at the Grant Village Restaurant. We made reservations the day before and got a nice room. While checking in we learned that the rooms were all taken. The food at the restaurant was very good.

Yellowstone Old Faithful Area (Part 1)

Kepler Cascades

We went on a two hour ranger program to visit some of the Upper Geyser Basin points of interest. It was very good and he gave us the history of the area.

Chinese Spring and Blue Star Spring

While on our ranger walk, the Beehive Geyser indicator started erupting. This ment that the geyser would go off very soon. We sat back and waited and the show was well worth it.

While we were watching the Beehive erupt, Old Faithful went off.

Pump Geyser

Teakettle Spring

Vault Geyser

Infant Geyser

Plume Geyser

Old Faithful Geyser

I was surprised at the size of the crowd this late in the year. It was for the most part an older crowd and we were lucky that most of them stayed around the Lodge.

Anemone Geyser

Depression Geyser

Heart Spring

Lion Geyser Group

Sawmill Geyser

Spasmodic Geyser (This was one of my favorites as it had very high activity)

West Triplet Geyser

Grand Geyser

Beauty Pool

Firehole River

Giant Geyser

Bijou Geyser's cone (Mastiff Geyser is a hole between Giant Geyser's cone and Bijou and Catfish Geyser's mounds)

Spa Geyser and Rocket Geyser

Riverside Geyser

Spiteful Geyser

Morning Glory Pool. No more fences through this area and it was nice to get close and still be safe.

Artemisia Geyser

Biscuit Basin

Gem Pool

Thanks to Lynn Stephens, some of the descriptions to the photos were updated in FEB-2010

Yellowstone Old Faithful Area (Part 2)

We were finding that there was so much to see. We only had two half days in this area planned and we had to try to cover it all. I took lots of photos of the thermal areas, and did this because I wanted to compare these photos with the same features years from now to see what changes have occured and I was using a digital camera so film was not an issue.

Mary standing by Gem Pool

Mary standing by Sprite Spring

Mirror Pool

Mercury" Geyser (Eruptions last about a minute and recur about every 30 to 90 minutes so we were lucky to catch it erupting)

Biscuit Basin Area

Rusty Geyser

Biscit Basin Area

Sapphire Pool

Shell Spring

Jewell Geyser

Avoca Spring

Comet Geyser

Splendid Geyser

Punch Bowl Spring

Castle Geyser - We arrived on the tail end of the eruption. Castle Geyser has a very long steam phase so it was still a great view.

Crested Pool located next to Castle Geyser

Shield Spring

A Bison right next to the Lodge

Old Faithful Inn

We made the reservations months in advance so we could get a Geyser view room

Upper Geyser Basin Area

After walking 10-15 miles we could not stop. We headed over to the Black Sand Basin area and encountered a few Bison

Opalescent Pool

Cliff Geyser

Green Spring

Rainbow Pool

Sunset Lake - Of all of the thermal features in the Upper Geyser Basin area and for the most part everything that we saw in Yellowstone this was one of the hottest areas that we saw.

The Lake would cycle through intense bursts of heat then stop for a minute or so then go again. Acted like the lake was turning into a geyser.

Bison at Old Faithful

The steps in the Lodge

Thanks to Lynn Stephens, some of the descriptions to the photos were updated in FEB-2010

Old Faithful Area to the Fountain Paint Pots

One last look at Old Faithful before heading towards the Lower Geyser Basin.

Outside and inside of Old Faithful Inn

Walked up Fairy Creek Trail to take a look at a Bison

Midway Geyser Basin

Grand Prismatic Spring and the Excelsior Geyser. Since it was cold whe had lot's of steam to look through

Lower Geyser Basin

Great Fountain Geyser

White Dome

Pink Cone Geyser

Gray Bulger Geyser

Young Hopeful Geyser

Steady Geyser

Bison at Lower Geyser Basin

Fountain Paint Pots

Red Spouter

Clepsydra Geyser

Norris Geyser Basin to the Lake Village area

Norris Geyser Basin

Emerald Spring

Steamboat Geyser

Cistern Spring

Echinus Geyser

We forgot ??

Porkchop Geyser

Veteran Geyser

Norris Basin with Mt. Holmes (El. 10,336) in the distance


Congress Pool

Porcelain Spring

Porcelain Basin

Carnegie Drill Hole

Whirligig Geyser

Norris Basin unknown

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Upper Falls (109 ft)

Lower Falls (308 ft)

Mud Volcano's

Sulphur Caldron

Yellowstone River

Dragons Mouth Spring

Mud Volcano

Grizzly Fumarole

Black Gragons Caldron

Churning Caldron

Mud Volcano

Lake Village and Fishing Bridge Area

Fishing Bridge

Yellowstone Lake

Mt. Washburn

Mount Washburn, elevation 10,243 feet (3,122 m), is a prominent mountain peak in the Washburn Range in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. The peak was named in 1870 to honor Henry D. Washburn, leader of the Washburn–Langford–Doane Expedition. The Washburn Range is one of two mountains ranges completely within the boundaries of Yellowstone.

We parked at Dunraven Pass picnic area and walked the old road up to the top. It's a 1,400 foot gain to the summit.

Summit 10,243 feet looking East

Looking south over Yellowstone Lake and the Grand Tetons 84 miles away Also, Yellowstone canyon cuts across the base.

The old road below is the trail that we hiked up from the Pass

Looking North East

Looking West

Various summit views

The road / trail from the pass

Views of the summit from the trail.

Mt. Washburn has the main park communications located on it. All of the telephone microwave links terminate here and a phone switch is housed on the lower level of the building

Mammoth Hot Springs area

The old North Entrance arch at Gardner Montana

Sage along the road

Mammoth Hot Springs hotel

What a dump. The first room that we got had no shower (only a bathtub) and the walls were so thin you could hear everything in the rooms next to you. Also the view was a nice parking lot. We complained and we moved to a room that had a shower and the view looked out towards the Park Headquarters building. The elk would bugle right outside our window at night. NPS has a web cam (daylight only) that looks out into the field in front of the hotel

Bull elk in front of the hotel

Magpie in the tree at Albright Visitor Center

Elk at the hotel

Boiling River

We took the Boiling River Trail back to the outflow area

The nice warning sign greets you about getting the water in your face

The spring area

The 200 degree water on the left from the spring and the 45 degree water on the right from the Gardiner River. It made finding a confortable spot a bit of a challenge

The outflow of the spring

Elk staying cool in the river

The 45th Parallel runs through the Boiling River parking lot

We took a ride a few miles up US89 to check out Gardiner, Montana and the Cinnabar Mountain Sheep area.

Lower and Upper Terraces Area

Liberty Cap


Minerva Terrace

New Blue Spring

Angle Terrace

Roaring Mountain

Sheep Eaters Ridge

Gardners Hole

We watched three Gray Wolves run across the road near Swan Lake

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