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Across the Beartooth to Cody via. Red Lodge

A morning stop in the Lamar Valley. Saw nothing.

The Beartooth Highway

The 11,708 Ft. Pilot Peak

Beartooth Highway views

Views from Rock Creek Vista Point El. 9,190 Ft.

Red Lodge, Montana

Views around town and the coal mines south of town

Southbound along Wyoming 120 between Belfry, MT and Cody, WY

Buffalo Bill Dam and Reservoir, West of Cody

Welcome to Cody - We researched Cody Wyoming as a possible retirement location - FAIL - Too darn cold !

A very good steak resturant in Cody called Cassie's - Was very good but that was 17 years ago.

Sunset from Cody

Cody to the Craters of the Moon

A quick stop at Yellowstone Lake

Arco Idaho. They like to write the year on the mountain next to the small town.

Craters of the Moon National Monument

Monday evening is definitely the time to visit. We had the entire monument to ourselves

Lava vegetation

Mountains in the distance

A hike up Inferno Cone El. 6,181 Ft.

Got to fight for parking

Spatter Cones

Sunset over the craters

Afton, Thayne, Periodic Spring and Grays River Road to Pinedale

Afton / Thayne

The Afton and Thayne (Star Valley) area was on our list of possible relocation towns so we were here to check it out.(TOO COLD)

Downtown Afton and the Elk antler arch

Periodic Spring

The spring that breathes

We parked and walked the mile or so up to the valley that the spring lies in.

The spring lies in a small canyon of to the left of the main valley

The perodic spring is a cold water geyser. The flow cycles on and off from late summer through winter. The water gushes out of a sheer ledge and cascades down a hillside to swift creek. Suddenly, the flow stops. After 12 to 18 minutes, the water gurgles to the surface and the cycle repeats.

The opening that the water comes out. Very man made. It was stainless steel and supplies Afton with a good bit of its water.

It goes from no flow to full in a minute or so

Grays River Road

We started south of Afton on Smiths Fork Road and went up over Commissary Ridge El. 9,250 Ft.

Tri Divide Basin with drainage to the Great Basin, Columbia River and the Colorado River

Bull Moose along Grays River road

Shot Hole Spring

Along the Grays River

Another moose along the road

We then went up over the Wyoming Range and headed towards Daniel on Cottonwood Road. Up over the pass it was snowing. We we got to the mesa it begining to clear. We saw a number of grouse and pronghorn along the Mesa

Pinedale to Lander via. South Pass

Pinedale Again

The Wind River range 2 weeks later. A bit more snow.

Pinedale at rush hour

Fremont Lake on a very cold and windy evening

A very cold September morning in Pinedale

Half Moon Wildlife Management Area

Along Fayette Pole Creek Road

Along the Southern Winds between Big Sandy and Atlantic City

Oregon Trail / Lander Cutoff

Wide open spaces of souhthern Sublette County

South Pass Area

Carissa Gold Mine

South Pass and South Pass City

Atlantic City

Louis Lake Road

Southern Winds

Snow along the road

Lake Louis

Sinks Canyon

Male Bighorn Sheep fighting along the road in Sinks Canyon

Sinks Canyon Park

The Rise

The Fall

Lander, Wyoming Area


Views of the Lander downtown and area. Lander was one of the relocation areas that we were interested in. We liked it but it was too close to the influences of the Indian Reservation.

Still a very nice place to visit.

Outside of town looking back towards the Wind River Range

Views outside town

We drove up across the reservation and could see the snow up in the Absaroka Range that had fallen the night before

We stayed at the Lander Llama Company Bed and Breakfast in Lander. This was a great place to stay. We liked the detached layout of the room. We were on our own. When we go back to Lander we will definitely stay here again.

The black lab at the B&B

The inside of the B&B

The llamas

Lander, Wyoming Back to Maryland

Independence Rock El. 6,028 Ft.

We stopped at Independence Rock along Wyoming 220

We did some train spotting along US 26 in Wyoming and Nebraska. I was surprised at the amount of traffic. Looked like Powder River coal moving east and empties moving west.

Back to the wonderful east.... Raining most of the way across Iowa

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