Last Update: 10-JAN-2017

West Trip FALL 2000

We started in Maryland and drove out to Colorado then up to Wyoming and back. We took three and half weeks and covered appx. 7,100 miles.

The purpose of the trip was for a vacation and to check out a number of Wyoming area town for future relocation.

FEB-2013 - We look back on this trip as one of the better vacations we have ever gone on. The pace was perfect, the weather was great and we saw things that we still talk about today. We are going to repeat this trip one of these days, but I am sure in the 16+ years we won't be impressed with the changes that we will see. We know that Pinedale Wyoming because of the gas boom, is no longer the sleepy western town it was. Sad as it was the highlight of the trip. Ken

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All of these photos were taken with a Kodak DC280 2.1 mega pixel Digital Camera

Trip story layout

  • Part 1 - Outbound Drive, Colorado Springs area, Mt. Evans, Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Part 2 - Pinedale, Wyoming area & Three days in the Grand Tetons National Park
  • Part 3 - Yellowstone National Park
  • Part 4 - Beartooth to Cody via. Red Lodge, Craters of the Moon, Afton, Thayne, Periodic Spring and Grays River Road to Pinedale to Lander to home

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