Last Updated 24-NOV-2005

Grand Cayman

It was very rough and windy today but Mary wanted to try snorkeling so we looked for a sheltered spot.
We walked along the waterfront and had no luck finding a beach with good snorkeling.

Good to see that the Poison Tree (Barringtonia Asiatica) from Thailand / Southeast Asia
made it through the hurricanes.  We check on the tree each time we come here

Hurricane Ivan damage was quite noticable.

Million dollar location for a Burger King and a cemetary!

We ended up at a beach bar not far from the tender area.  The fish were colorful
and water clarity was pretty good, but no coral.  There is a small wreck.

Back to the peir area downtown

Back on the ship.  Another great day

Fighting the crowds to watch the sunset !!

Crowded jacuzzi and pool!

Another great sunset but no green flash !

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