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Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Puerto Limon on the Caribbean side, not a nice city...But Costa Rica means "Coast of Riches."
Costa Rica lies between two oceans, and its land lies at elevations from zero to over 10,000 feet
above sea level! The result of this is that Costa Rica has been left with one of the most diverse
collections of plant life anywhere on the planet!  We took a Costa Rica Off-road adventure shore 
excursion, which was good, but should have been all-day.  We wanted to see a volcano, but you have
to start from the Pacific side to do that.  Costa Rica is definitely worth another trip to see the
entire country, particularly the volcanoes.

A large tree adorned with the hanging nests of Montezuma Oropendulas, in the Oriole family.

male and female spider


New 4X4 vehicle--very nice but we wished we had been able to do some off-road.
This trip was too tame--just 1 river crossing!

Chevy astrovan for sale $500,000!

Snack of local fruits and drink.  Guides are in khaki, and were quite good.

Ken spotted the Jesus Christ lizard! The Green Basilisk Lizard, nicknamed
Jesus Christ lizard because they can literally run across water when disturbed.

Grade school with friendly children. High literacy rate--96% or higher.

bananas with condoms for protection

Back to Puerto Limon. We walked around the town and bought some beer.  Were asked if
we wanted to buy some crack. Local markets were fun but we wouldn't buy any food--perhaps spices.

Sunset time.  Again, all alone on the ship

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