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We took the monkey watch shore excursion. This was a ship organized trip that cost $85 per person. A bus took us to Gamboa Resort,
which was wonderful and worth staying at for some  rainforest exploration.  You board thease small boats and they take you to Lake Gatun,
in the Panama canal.  The large ships travel through the same lake.  Panama has done a good job with rainforest conservation, since the 
canal needs water to survive. As a land bridge between North and South America, Panama nurtures plant and animal life from both continents.
Its jungles house more species of birds than all of North America and Europe, along with jaguars and howler, spider, white-face and night
monkeys. Hundreds of miles of undeveloped coastline are lined with unexplored coral reefs.

Howler monkeys

Sloth in center of photos at trunk.

White-faced Capuchin Monkeys came down to get apples and fruit loops.  Then they only wanted the fruit loops and got violent when 
we tried to give them apples.

Finally took my apple

Note the the look of horror on the guide!

Gamboa Resort


We decided to hire a taxi to take us to the canal, which was very worthwhile, safe and inexpensive. Important to get an engish-speaking 
driver. Colon didn't impress us at all, except Ken bought a Panama license plate for 5$ US!

Our ship at Colon

A quick run up to the canal to see Gatun Locks

Amazing how big these ships are, and the largest in the world are too wide to go through the canal.

New mule

Old mule used to pull ships through the canal

Frigate bird

Extremely busy port of Colon

Pilot boat leaves us.

Pillow pole pool party.  This was the most people that we saw at one time during the cruise

Pillow pole pool party

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