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We arrive at Roatan and rented a taxi from Victor Bodden. I had emailed him before the trip and he booked us. When we got there
he already had a full van so he subcontracted to another guy, who was good.  The vehicle was clean and new, and the entire day 
only cost $25/person. They took us around the island and to his home.  Then to a beach/bar area and waited for us while I snorkeled.  
I recommend him!

Shipwreck in Dixon Cove.

A politician's house, who was quite successful.

Views as we head East on the island

Scenic overlook where you can buy souveniers

Bob and Sandy were our tablemates, from New Jersey. We visited Victor's house.

Termites in a tree right next to the house!

Jason, our Australian tablemate, wanted to adopt this dog.

Victor's wife and daughter manning the store. We bought locally grown vanilla.

Mary snorkels, while the rest drink beer!

Heading back towards the ship.  Some of the views along the way

Time to walk around the town

Coxen Hole needs to be cleaned up! Diapers in the water, trash everywhere
but beautiful snorkeling/diving on the other side of the island!

This looks real safe....

Yes, I want my house built over raw sewage

More views of Coxen Hole

Raft ???  Interesting use of 2 liter bottles

Views from the ship

Incoming plane into the airport

The pilot departing the cruise ship

Heading around the eastern end of the island.

Mainland Honduras ???  Land to the south east of Roatan

Sunset time

Again all alone

Excelent sunset

Doing laps on empty ship at 7 PM...

Looking up at the smoke from the ship at night

Trying to photograph the stars.  Not great but you can see them

Its 8:30...  Where is everyone ???

The navagiton systems has crashed...  Who is driving the ship ??

One of the late night partys.  

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