Last Updated 27-DEC-2005


We landed in Cozumel and took a shore excursion to Muyil ruins on the mainland south of Tulum. 
They aren't as spectacular as Chichen Itza or as beautiful as Tulum, which sits above a spectacular beach,
but these ruins were interesting. Trip was all day and included ferry, bus, guide, lunch  and was reasonable
in price.

The ferry left right next to our ship

Playa del Carman, where we met the bus and guide to head south  Nice area, makes you wonder why they all want to
come up to the states.  But, then again I have been in interior Mexico, so I do know the reason.
They even had Sams Clubs along the main road

Muyil Ruins

Mayans were much shorter...

We hiked in Sian Ka'an preserve, a place I'd dreamed of visiting for years.  We walked the trails and saw lots
of birds.  We ended  up at a research station where we met some French birders, who were watching butterflies
on the shoreline.  Would be nice to see the reserve by boat--lots of wetlands.


The ruins right in Playa del Carmen.  Also, sink holes everywhere.

Playa del Carmen, where we caught the ferry to Cozumel.  Everything was so busy that we got back to the ship 
well over an hour late.  Another reason to take the ship sponsored tours as they will wait till everyone gets back.

We missed the sunset as we were in the ferry.  We should have walked upon the deck.

The moon over Cancun. And all alone on the ship again...  I love it !!

Taking photos of the stars from a moving ship.  The glow of Cozumel fading behind us to the west.

Midnight buffet

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