Last Updated 28-MAR-2006

Half Moon Cay, Bahamas and a at sea day

This is Holland America's award-winning private island.  It is located between Cat island and Eleuthera.  It has fine white
sand and a beautiful swimming beach.  The water is clear and there is some snorkeling at the north end, although we didn't try
it.  They are creating an artificial reef at the south end, but it will need decades to look like a reef.  But there were a few 
fish to be seen.  We watched the horses go in for a swim as part of a shore excursion.  Riders seem to enjoy it.

Approaching Half Moon Cay.  The Zaandam was already anchored. Considering the amount of people that could be
on the beach, it was not crowded at all.
Mary enjoying the beach
Along the beach.  Our ship is on the left.  The Zaandam was on the right.

First time we have seen this on Holland America.  The first night of many critters on our bed.

Half Moon Cay to St. Thomas was another full day at sea

Another great sunset.

Thunder storms over the Dominican Republic appx. 170 miles away
Where is everyone...  The mid-pool area
Another towel critter on our bed.

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