Last Updated 27-MAR-2006

St. Thomas, US. Virgin Island

Looking West towards Puerto Rico
We took a taxi to the Marriot Marning Star resort--$6 per person one way and 10 minutes on a windy road.  No shoulders or 
trails so you have to take a taxi.  The beach was pretty and snorkeling was fair, best along the rocks near the harbor entrance.
Ken enjoyed a bushwacker frozen drink.

We walked around the town (Havensight) and headed over to the other side of the harbor towards Charlotte Amalie.  
I was surprised at how run down it was a few blocks away from the water.  Definitely someplace you did not want to go 
at night or alone.

From the other side we could look across to our ship and the other two in the harbor
On the way back to the ship we found an iguana.
Views of Havensight from the ship

Marriot Morning Star Resort and the beach where we spent the day.
Another great sunset
Ship exaust with the sunset
Another critter

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