Last Updated 29-MAR-2006

Bridgetown, Barbados

This was our third trip to Barbados and we decided to go on separate trips.

Mary took the ship sponsered shore excursion:

Sail, Snorkel & Beach Safari (5hrs)  $99

in the write up it stated: The best catamaran experience in the Caribbean! Snorkel over a beautiful reef. Swim from a lovely beach. 
A luscious buffet lunch is included.

It was a nice trip and the crew of the Tiami was great, kept pushing drinks including the Blushing Virgin.  The reef on the west side near the northern tip
was the best I'd seen on Barbados. We saw blue tang, parrotfish, butterflyfish and several coral varieties.  The beach we went to was private and empty.
We had flying fish, chicken and salads off the beach. Then we motored/sailed south to Turtle Cove and snorkeled with the green sea turtles as the crew 
fed them strips of fish.  The turtle skin is very smooth.  It was fun to lie on the catamaran webbing and watch the sea go by.

I took the excursion:

Island Safari Adventure (3hrs) $59.00

In the write up it stated: Travel in a convoy of Land Rover 4X4, open-air safari vehicles as you experience a day of adventure and exploration.  
Conducted by experienced guides who will show you hidden secrets of Barbados.  Not recommended for guests with back or neck problems.

Active Sugar mill
Old stone church
I have been on these "safari's" before.  But, was happy to see that we actually went off road on this one. 

Here we are in a rain forest area on the East side of the island.
Caribbean raindeer.
Old stone church
View of the Atlantic side of the island.  No good beaches over here due to dangerous currents.
Stopped to look at the interesting rock formations.
Another area where we went off road.  Drove way up on a hill overlooking the ocean and had rum drinks at 9AM !
Rock formation that was susposed to look like a lizzard or a head ???
Mary survived her trip
Two other ships in port from Europe.  The first one was strange...  Had a photo of some blond 1950's looking woman
on the stack and the ship had "Holiday Kreuzfahrten" on it.  Sounds like fun !!
Mega ship similar to the one that caught fire a few days later off of Jamaica
Mary ready for the sunset
Another boring sunset.  A number of years ago we saw an incredible sunset from here
Another towel critter-butterfly

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