Last Updated 29-MAR-2006

San Juan, Puerto Rico

I really wish that they would skip this stop.  I know what they say...  But, Puerto Rico is NOT the shining star of
the Caribbean.  Its a dump !!  The only good thing is that you can load up on prescription drugs as the pharmacy's will
sell you ANYTHING you want...  For a price !!

We walked up to the fort and looked around on this 86 degree day...  Because my cell phone is Cingular I was able to make
some free call's (this works on St. Thomas too) back to the states.  

We were just happy to get back to the ship without being shot or run over !!

Around the Fort San Cristobal on the Atlantic coast.

Back to the port.  The Noordam next to our ship.
5 hrs north of Puerto Rico and still too close.  This was an interesting run.  We were making a straight line from
Puerto Rico to the outer banks.  This is appx. 1400 miles and would place us over 600 miles out in the Atlantic.

The Noordam left for New York the same time that we did.  After 24 hrs she was 70nm ahead of us.  Because she can run faster 
she would be in New York the same time we would reach Norfolk. This was a quiet part of the Atlantic as I did not see any other
ships around for the next two days.  But, we did see many whales, so many in fact that I stopped looking after 30-40.

Beautiful day
It was a warm but very low humidity day.  So, even at 80 degrees it felt cool when we were watching the sunset
Sunset time

Our long hallway.  Our room was only 8 from the front.
Crappy photo by the front elevators
The 11pm desert fest.  

The Last day of sunsets.  The captain warned us that this would be the last day we would see the sun.  The next day (Friday)
we were in the middle of a developing North Easter and it rained all day with temps in the upper 50's.  Also, we had a good
bit of heavy swells that were moving the ship around a bit.  I tried to go up onto the top deck around 11pm on Friday and
was almost knocked down by a 70+ mph wind gust.  This worked out as we had gotten enough sun anyway and it was nice
to have a down day to relax.

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