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Miami and the first few days on the ship

This was the smallest ship that we have gone on, with 684 passengers. "Regatta, Oceania's first vessel, offers a 
destination-oriented cruise experience. Regatta is aimed at cruisers who love getting a good bang for a buck without 
skimping on the luxuries they've come to expect." 

We thought the food was outstanding and usually ate on the Tapas terrace or cafe. Ken loved the country club casual. 
He only dressed in long pants for the specialty restaurants!

At breakfast, the Cafe has one omelet station (which never seemed overcrowded) and endless platters of fresh fruit, 
smoked fish, and baked goodies (chocolate croissants!) amid the requisite breakfast fare.
The Terrace Cafe lunch is likewise pretty good with lots of choices such as crispy spring rolls, perfectly grilled fish, sushi and yes, 
the obligatory pizza station. Ken enjoyed the cheeseburgers and chicken grilled outside.

The dinner-only specialty restaurants are top-drawer, require reservations, and have no surcharge. The clubby-classic-in-the-making 
Polo Grill is the best--melt-in-your-mouth dry-aged steaks, lamb and veal along with a good selection of fresh seafood.

The Maine lobster was excellent and the crab cake appetizer superb--lump crab and no fillers! Filet mignon was excellent 
but not too big!

High tea is served daily at 4 p.m. in Horizons. The pastries and tea sandwiches are nice, but they wheel around a cart with
chocolate cheesecake among others!  Other cruiselines have High Tea only at days at sea.

Amazing at the number of ships in the port
Downtown Miami...  Incredible construction boom.  Not real smart in such a high risk storm area.
Mary ready for the lifeboat drill.
Container ships in the port
Back side of Miami Beach
Developement on Virginia Key
Looking back at the port
Miami Beach
Looking back at the mess
Pilot leaving 
Looking at the ships that left before us.
A good sign...  Most everyone has gone below.
Sunset over Miami.

Sunset over Cuba after a full day at sea. 
Where is everyone ???

Interesting art on the ship...  Who knows what the hell it is ??
Around the ship
Sunset off the coast of the Dominican Republic

Messing with the time elapsed photos to make the radar antennas become solid.
Again, they are all asleep at 9pm

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