Last Updated 07-APR-2006

Virgin Gorda

This is the second time we've been to Virgin Gorda.  The first time was on a cruise where we stopped at Tortola and took
Speedy's ferry to Virgin Gorda and then to the Baths.  This time we went to Spring Bay via taxi. To the east of The Baths is Spring 
Bay. The giant boulders line the beach and there are excellent swimming and snorkelling opportunities for novices and 
professionals alike. The well-manicured lawn leading to the beach is also a favourite for picnic and recreational games. 
Its small coves, which provide safe snorkeling are popular with charter boat guests, who moor their boats in the area. 
Massive boulders form coves that allow a steady but calm flow of water back and forth. Marine life is vibrant at Spring Bay 
since fishing is not permitted.  Cabs were plentiful.

Nobody was there when we arrived and a few folks came over from the Baths, because it was windy and rough.  The snorkeling was
pretty good and we saw cuttlefish.  Cuttlefish are the most incredible looking creatures. A cuttlefish has ten arms (eight shorter 
and two longer tentacles) and a chalky internal shell. This part is what you often find washed up on the shore (budgie food).
One pair of arms is longer than the rest and is used to capture prey. 

Looking down towards the Baths
Looking back towards Tortola
Virgin Gorda
Spring Bay

Dock Area
We went for a walk around the town.
Leaving Virgin Gorda and heading towards Gustavia, St. Barthelemy, Guadeloupe
Sunset over the BVI's and the USVI

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