Last Updated 07-APR-2007

Gustavia, St. Barthelemy, Guadeloupe

This was the second time we've been to St. Bart's--10 years ago on our first cruise we stopped here.  This day was
the worst weather we've ever had in the Caribbean.  It rained all day and we walked to Shell Beach--it was drizzling but 
warm.  We spoke to a teenager who said that it had been raining for 4 days--unheard of!

Shell Beach looked the same and Ken was disappointed since there were no topless sunbathers, as we saw in 1997!  We saw 
many yachts in the harbor.  The SeaDream, a luxury cruise yacht was here, along with the Prinsendam, HollandAmerica.

We shopped for French wine, rum and diet coke.

Shell Beach on a rain day !!

Looking around the port

Looking at Nevis in  the clouds

Looking up at Saba from the South East

Not much of a sunset tonight !

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