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This is the second time we've come to Dominica, having been there in 2006.  "The Nature Island" it's called, with 365 rivers
(one for every day), waterfalls, hot springs and boiling lakes, 5000' mountains and black sand beaches.  Columbus landed
here and it is said that were he to return today he would still recognize it. November 3rd, 1493 Columbus first sighted 
Wai’tukubuli and renamed it Dominica (not to be mistaken with Dominican Republic). From his notes: ”Dominica is remarkable
for the beauty of its mountain and the amenity of its verdure and must be seen to be believed.”

English is the official language, but a French patois is widely spoken.  The Caribs, the indigenous people of the Caribbean, 
still live here in the mountainous Northeast.

We took an island tour from a local taxi driver. He was very good, and it was a good value at $25 per person--3 hour tour, 
which took us to Trafalgar Falls and Wotten Waven Sulfur Springs. Gases and steam can be seen in many areas of Wotten Waven. 

The people are friendly on this "nature's Isle".

Trafalgar Falls.  These famous twin waterfalls are a 20 minute drive from Roseau. A pleasant, short walk takes one from 
the Visitors Centre to a good viewing platform--$2.00 pp. Guide not required but they gang up on you as you leave the taxi,
so you have to pay a guide an additional $2 pp.

Wotten Waven Sulfur Springs. Guide greets you at the taxi and explains the vegetation and hot springs.  He has sulfur 
face creme to sell but nobody bought any.  Strong sulfur smell and interesting to see the boiling water.
We walked into the town, which was a good 20-30 minute walk since we were not docked in Roseau. Interesting to see the
grocery store and market.

Intersting place to walk around...  During the day !!

Looking up at the Chinese built stadium

I love these little vans

Roseau Market

Utility nightmare !!

Walking back to the ship along the Chinese built seawall

Port facility

Less ships than last year

Boring sunset

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