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St. Lucia

This is the 4th time I have been to St. Lucia, since I spent 10 days there in the late 1980's. Ken wanted to see the 
drive-in volcano, so as we left the tourist shopping area, we hired a taxi to take us to Soufriere.  We met another 
couple who had negotiated a good deal in a new van, but it filled up with 10 people.  Ken took the front seat and 
I sat with a couple from Ireland, and off we went!

This volcanic island is 238 sq. miles (616 sq. km), 27 miles long, 14 miles wide with a combination of high mountains, forests, low lying 
lands and beaches. A central mountain range runs the length of the island, with peaks ranging between 1000 and 3145 feet. 
Forests dominate the mountains, while jasmine, scarlet chenille and wild orchids provide splashes of colour to the lush green 
slopes. The two towering volcanic cones on the southwest coast, Gros Piton (797m) and Petit Piton (750m) are one of the 
Caribbean’s most famous landmarks. 

The weather was pretty good and we enjoyed watching the lush foliage on our way to Soufriere.  The drive-in volcano was interesting
and more developed than I remember from my previous visit in the 1980's.  The botanical gardens are pretty and I
enjoyed watching the brilliant hummingbirds!  Our Canadian friends took a photo of the lizard on the Bird-of-Paradise!

The highest point on the island is Mt. Gimmie at 3,145.  The sea floor aroun St. Lucia is over 4,500 feet deep.

Took the standard stop over looking Castries where the locals try to get you to buy some of the crap that they peddle.
Views along the road to Soufriere.  The towns that we pass thru are Anse La Raye and Canaries.
Stop at the overlook above the town of Soufriere.  The Pitons in the background.

Gros Piton reaches 2,619 feet and Petit Piton is 2,461 feet above sea level.  They rise from the sea's surface at a 
55 degree angle accentuating and perhaps even exaggerating their heights.
No matter what part of the 3rd world we are in the dogs always look the same
We need billboards like this in the States !!
Downtown Soufriere
We made it to the Sulpfur Springs. The is site of the worlds only drive in volcano. The water boils at 212° F but the 
superheated steam is hotter at 340°F. The black color is caused by a chemical reaction between the sulphur and iron.

Sulphur Springs Drive-In Volcano near Soufriere (French for Sulphur). The sulphur springs from which the town of Soufriere
got its name, are a weak spot in the crust of an enormous collapsed crater.

The last major volcanic eruption in St Lucia occurred about 40,000 years ago and the last minor one was in 1780.

This caldera is probably connected to the ocean because reactions increase when the full moon causes high tides.

Minding ???  Not sure what is being said here.
A pool area to soak in the mineral water from the springs.  Here we had to deal with the locals trying to sell us the water.  
Looking back at the entrance to the park
Diamond Botanical Gardens and Toraille Waterfall

Another look at the Pitons
The drive back to Castries
Marigot Bay where Dr. Doolittle was filmed.
American junk food...  Not good !!
A school being built by China and we later passed a new hospitol being built by china.  Not good !!
We have Bj's wholesale clubs and they have Big J's wholesale clubs...  Strange....
Views from the ship
Frigate Bird.
A big ship.  P&O, Oceana
The St. Lucia Navy ???
One of the only places that I have looked down a runway from a cruise ship
A commuter plane had to go around while we were passing the end of the runway
Another boring sunset

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