Last Updated 08-APR-2007

Tortola, British V.I.

We've been to Tortola twice before and the weather was rainy and sunny, off and on. So we decided to just go shopping.
We always get rum cakes for Easter and since the ship didn't sell them, we decided to look in Tortola.  We found a store 
near the port.  We had to tender, which is slow on this ship, because of all the elderly that need assistance.

Our Canadian friends took a ship excursion snorkeling tour to Peter's Island, and they loved it--pristine reefs, the
best they saw all week. 

As we went from Tortola to Samana, Dominican Republic we passed 20 miles or so off of San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The nice
thing is that we were able to use our cell phones on the USA networks so it was free.

Looking around the peir at Tortola

Its amazing on how they are building the roads up the mountains
On our way to Samana, Dominican Republic 

The extreem west end of the British Virgin Islands
Southern side of St. John, USVI
A few people out but its getting late.. Its almost 4 PM
The east end of Puerto Rico

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