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Samana, Dominican Republic

Our first time in Samana or the Dominican Republic!  We went on a cruise sponsored trip to the Island Cayo Levantado by boat
from the ship.  It was a lovely beach and included beach chairs.  We opted not to buy the lunch at the resort since we 
weren't there that long and took some goodies from the ship.  The snorkeling was fair but the water was warm and swimming
was fun.  The pelicans fly right next to you when you are swimming. It was clear and 88 degrees when we arrived!

As we left we saw humpback whales.  Humpback whales have used the Dominican Republic's Samaná Bay and Silver Bank coral 
reef sanctuary as a nursery and breeding ground for untold millennia. They return each winter after spending nine months
fanning out across the North Atlantic and by mid-January more than twelve thousand of them move around the waters of the 
country's northeast coast. They're at their liveliest in Samaná's tepid depths, as males track females, compete for attention
and engage in courting displays, while mothers teach their calves basic survival skills.

Adult humpbacks grow to 15m long, weigh up to forty metric tons, and are black with distinctive white patches. We saw breaching - 
hurtling the entire body above the surface before landing back down in a spectacular crash - and tail flapping or lobbing. 
We saw the spout or blow to locate them; the spout is not a column of water, but condensing exhaled breath and entrained 
atomised water from around the blowhole.

Tendering from the ship to the Island
Island Cayo Levantado

Its a nice and cool 87.7 degrees 
Looking west up the Bay of Samana
Island Views

Another strange fruit ??
The fancy part of the island
Heading back to the ship
The Regent Seven Seas Navigator was at the Cayo Leventado first.  

Looking West at the town of Samana
Leaving and passing Island Cayo Levantado and the Regent Seven Seas Navigator
Looking at the east end of the Dominican Republic

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