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The last day on the ship and the drive home

Getting off the ship was as easy as getting on.  We had to wait a few minutes for the walker crowd to get moving but
once past that we went down to get our luggage and go through customs.  The classic Cuban Cigar question was asked...
and that was it; we were on the street.  We were #2 in line for a cab which were hard to come by--for 20 min or so.

Once we got the cab it was a 20 minute ride ($30-40)to Sleep Inn near the airport.

The car was fine and it started.  By 9:30 we were heading NW out of that god awful place known as Miami.

Porthole view...  A nice day at sea.

Lighthouse appx. 15 miles off of the coast of Cuba.  Someday I will figure out where / what it is.


Lobos Cay Lighthouse

LAT: 22 23.0' N
LON: 077 36.0' W

Situated just eleven miles north of Cuba in Bahamian waters, Cay Lobos is a never-before, recreational dived area and the closest
you can legally get to Cuba without special permits. On a clear day, you can see the Cuban mountain range rise from the horizon

Bulk freightor at sea off of Cuba (you can see Cuba in the background)

Mary looking at the private areas that you can rent by the day / week.  Got to try to extract the most $$$ out of the guests. 

View down our hall and Mary showing how small the bathroom is.

Oceania needs to do this in the middle of the night and not when people want to be out on the deck. Yes, it was dinner time but this happened during my quiet time.

Ended up being a nice day at sea

The last sunset.  Not that good with no clouds.

Packing to go home

The Castor Bean plant.  A good plant to have around for population control !!

A quick stop at the Francis S. Taylor WMA along US-27 NW of Miami.  We took back roads up most of the coast to avoid
the traffic problems of the East coast of Florida.

Sad...  You can still see the buildings of Miami over 50 miles away.  It's so flat the power lines just go forever.

A quick stop at the John Stretch Park in Lake Harbor, Florida.  We were starting to discover that Lake Okeechobee
was totally surrounded with flood control dams. 

On the top of the dam they have the Lake Okeechobee Scenic Trail (LOST)

Sugar cane being harvested along CR-720 North of Clewiston. Cattle egrets catching the insects... We were impressed with 
Clewiston as it still had the small-town look and feel.  Also, it had a Kubota dealer.

We stopped at the Okeechobee County Observation Pier.  This was located south of the town of Okeechobee.

We overheard a longtime resident saying that the lake is the lowest that he has ever seen

A few gators out in the lake

We stayed at Sleep Inn, Port Wentworth, Georgia located at Highway 21 and I-95 on the way home.

The ride home was easy.  The weather was dry until we got close to Washington DC.

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