Mary's trip to San Diego

Last update 14-AUG-2016

Sunday 18-MAY-2008

Walked to the beach at 2 pm waiting for the hotel room. Very crowded and hot for a May Day

Bahia Resort Hotel. Nice pool. Rooms were old but roomy and had a kitchenette. Also 2 harbor seals

Monday morning I went to the beach and had breakfast on the boardwalk

Hubbs-Seaworld Research Institue is where we had the awards dinner. The great blue herons and cormorants roost in the tall trees near the entrance. Frank Plewa won the Don Lawyer award.

Tuesday evening, Steve Harman and Karen took me to La Jolla Children's Pool to see the harbor seals. Over 150 were there and we watched them fishing in the surf on the other side of the breakwater. We briefly stopped at Torrey Pines to look over the cliff and continued on. We then went to an Italian seafood restaurant in Del Mar and had a nice dinner

Took a quick walk to the beach at lunch time--nice being only 3 blocks to the Pacific.

That evening Steve and Karen took me to Sunset Cliffs park, not far from the hotel. Views are pretty and native vegetation, pelicans, and surfers provide interesting subjects to photograph. Ate in a wonderful Mexican restaurant

Field trip to Batiquitos Lagoon in Carlsbad. Batiquitos Lagoon is a coastal lagoon located in southern California, in the City of Carlsbad, north of San Diego County. On December 7, 1996, the mouth of Batiquitos Lagoon was opened as the final step in the restoration of this failing coastal embayment.

A rush hour traffic ride along I-5

Went to Luigi's pizza with Bob Hume, Ralph and EPA folks. Great place with 30" pizza and half price microbrews on Thursday night

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