Last Updated 16-NOV-2008

Day 4, Kings Canyon to Yosemite

We woke up to a chilly morning at Cedar Grove Village, King's Canyon and then headed to Yosemite through Fresno.  We were shocked at the crowds
on a Saturday afternoon when we arrived.  Since Glacier Point Road and Tioga Pass was closed, the visitors were crowded into
Yosemite Valley.  We had reservations for 2 nights at Curry Village so we decided to stay and try to handle the crowds.  We checked in and 
then decided to get on the shuttle to the Mountain Room Restaurant at Yosemite Village.  The shuttle system worked well and the only way to
avoid gridlock.  Curry Village had a rockslide a few days ago and some of the cabins were destroyed and still off limits.

Mountain Room restaurant at Yosemite Village for dinner 10/11.  This was crowded with 1 hour wait on Saturday night. Classy but a bit expensive.
Curry Village breakfast buffet on 10/12
Curry Village pizzeria for dinner on 10/12

Cedar Grove Village deck

Views of the Kings River from the deck

Heavy frost.  But considering it was snowing most of the night we were not surprised.

Last look at the lodge at Cedar Grove Village.

Nice fun road

Water stations from the old days when the cars would overheat.

Cool sign.  Too bad they don't do this everywhere....  Too many people out at night when they should be at home!

Less than 2 hrs after below freezing temps.  We are almost to Fresno and back in the orange groves.  Amazing differences in temperatures.


Entering the west side of the tunnel on Wawona Road.

Our first view of the dome from Tunnel View.  Also, our first taste of crowds !!

From this breathtaking viewpoint into Yosemite Valley, you can see three of its remarkable features: El Capitan, Half Dome, and Bridalveil Falls.
In March 1851, a local militia (known as the Mariposa Battalion) was dispatched to the area in search of Miwok people suspected of attacking a 
trading post. The group stumbled upon this view and became the first White-Americans to enter Yosemite Valley.

Bridalveil Falls (Not much at this time of year)

Looking back at the East portal of the tunnel.

A quick and crowded hike to Bridalveil Falls (It should be called Boringveil falls at this time of year !)

Height of falls:  620 feet,  Watercourse:  Bridalveil Creek,  Elevation of crest:  4787 feet 

Our first look at Curry Village.  This area was still closed due to the rockslide a few days before we arrived.

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