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Day 8, North to Tahoe, Donner Pass, Honey Lake Wildlife Area

Today was a big drive day.  325 miles from Lee Vining to Susanville.  Was not a bad drive at all as we had lots to see.

We drove the West Side of Lake Tahoe on the way to Donner.  A beautiful lake, but too touristy for us.  Emerald Bay was a beautiful blue and green.

Next stop was the Donner Pass.  The monument illustrates the depth of the snow that winter--22 feet!

We went to Honey Lake Wildlife Area, near Susanville and saw sandhill crains, dry wetlands and golden eagles. 

We stopped at Nicely's for breakfast in Lee Vining and got our bagels to go for the second day.

Stayed for 2 nights at the Super 8 Motel in Susanville.  Nice room.  But internet sucks.  I asked and they blamed the local company but
I don't think they knew what was wrong.  The two nights we stayed I only got out on the web early one morning.
From this point on I would also ask if the Internet service actually worked.

We ate at the Sage Hen restaurant, in Susanville for dinner.  It was ok but too expensive.  For evening entertainment we walked around
the Walmart in Susanville.  Was nice not to see so many Mexicans...  We are in Northern California now..  

Very scenic between Lee Vining and Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe

Our first stop at Tahoe was at the Kiva Picnic Area (managed by the Forest Service)

Wetlands where Taylor Creek flows into the lake.

We walked down to the lake.  Cold and clear !

We parked along the road to make a call to reserve the Super-8 in Susanville and was amazed at how clean the water is.

Emerald Bay

Emerald Isle

Fannette is the only island to be found in all of Lake Tahoe. It is located in beautiful Emerald Bay on the west shore of the lake. 
A sparsely timbered, brush covered upthrust of granite that rises 150 feet above the water, Fannette Island was not always known by that name.
During the past 100 years it has been known as Coquette, Fannette, Baranoff, Dead Man's, Hermit's, and Emerald Isle. Fannette was the name
that finally stuck.

Here comes the Tahoe Queen paddle boat.

Donner Memorial State Park

This is one of those places I always wanted to visit as I could not figure out why the Donner's just did not walk down the hill to get out !

Now this I see the statue I understand why.  The snow was 22 feet deep !  So, the level of the snow was as high as the shaft of the monument.

Strange to read of total isolation when I-80 is only 200 feet to the north.

Some train watching by accident in Reno

Back on US-395 and wide open spaces !

Honey Lake Wildlife Area

7,667 acres of sagebrush surrounding a shallow lake in the Great Basin Desert. Alkali tolerant vegetation line the banks. This wetland
supports many migratory birds including tundra swans.


Strange place...  We were not sure where we were on the roads and not even sure we were allowed to be where we went.  But, nobody said anything
so we made it out alright !

Interesting beatle

Views from the East - South - West.

Nice roads

On the way out we saw some sandhill cranes.  My attempt at tele-photo lens by holding the camera up to the binoculars. It worked !

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