Last Updated 24-NOV-2008

Day 14, The Trip Home

Views of the strip and the airport

The strip and looking out Boulder Highway


Lake Meade and Hoover Dam 

Where the Colorado (muddy) goes into Lake Meade (green/blue)

Looking over the Grand canyon to the San Francisco Peaks, the Highest point in Arizona: 12,633 feet 

Navajo Bridge, The upriver span (Left) is a pedestrian bridge. Great views.  Echo Cliffs above the river.

The rest of the way was cloudy.  I kept waiting for the plane to bank where the wing would block the sun.  Over Morgantown, WV I got my wish

NW of Mt. Airey MD.  We are in approach to BWI and appx. 5,500 feet above the ground

Over Liberty Reservoir.  The bridge in view is Deer Park road.  We are now down to 3,500 feet above the ground

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