Last updated: 27-DEC-2010

Day 1, NOV 29, Baltimore

Room views  Not bad, same as all the other cruises that we have gone on

Cruise port of Baltimore.  Next to 95.  Very easy access.

Cable repair ships

More Port of Baltimore Views

US Coast Guard escorted us all the way past Calvert Cliffs Nuclear plant.  I guess they are concerned that the
Captin may want to ram the cruise ship into the nuclear power plant ??

Masonville Cove

What began as the restoration of an abandoned and neglected parcel of land in the Middle Branch has become something very
special. Masonville Cove is 70 acres of water and 54 acres of cleaned-up wetlands, nature trails, and a protected bird sanctuary,
all soon-to-be protected by a conservation easement and part of the Shores of Baltimore Land Trust. The Masonville project developed
from mitigation tied to the creation of a Dredged Material Containment Facility (DMCF) by the Maryland Port Administration (MPA).


Fort McHenry National Monument

Looking back at Fort McHenry National Monument with the Red / Green channel Markers

WBAL TV 11 Helicoptor harassing the ship

Passing under the Francis Scott Key Bridge.
The main span of 1200 feet is the third longest span of any continuous truss in the world.
(Vertical navigational clearance under main span, 185 feet)

Fort Carroll

Sunset over Baltimore

Two hours to get down to US-50 Chesapeake Bay Bridge.
(A 3200 foot (980 m) suspension span over the western channel with a maximum clearance of 186 feet (56.7 m))

It took us appx. 6 hours to get to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel.  We passed that around 1 AM

Day 2, NOV 30, At sea (Appx. 200 miles off of North Carolina)

Mary and Monika doing laps

Not bad.  Sunny and in the low 70's


Monika vs. Frog Legs 

Day 3, DEC 01, At sea (Appx 600 miles East of Florida)

This was probably our worse day.  Scattered showers and cool.  In the 60's

Mary on the Elliptical Trainers in the gym 

Lots of people out !  Various ship views


Day 4, DEC 02, At sea ( Appx 200 miles north of Puerto Rico)

Now we are getting warm.  Beautiful 80 degree day

Various ship views and sunset

6pm and as usual they are all in their rooms.  Sweet !

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