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Day 5, DEC 03, Charlotte Amalie - St. Thomas, USVI

I had signed up with a taxi driver that I found on the web that had an impressive website and was very responsive: 
Henry Christopher, Triple E Tours. He took us (3 couples) for a half day tour of the island and then took us to a beach of our choice.
I chose one of St. Thomas' most beautiful and pristine beaches, Lindquist beach (Smith Bay)  on the East End of St. Thomas.
Undeveloped, the beach is accessed by a dirt road. There are few amenities: a couple picnic tables and port-a-johns. Often sparsely
populated during the week, the beach comes to life on weekends, particularly Sundays with residents having picnics and parties.
The water is crystal clear and typically calm. Soft, white sand lines the shore and a thick tree line  gives shade. Snorkeling
can be enjoyed on the right side of the beach. In 2006, the Government of the Virgin Islands purchased 21  acres of beachfront
property around Lindquist for the purpose of protecting it as a park called Smith Bay Park. An admission fee of $2 per adult is
collected.  There were maybe a dozen people there and it is beautiful. Snorkeling was pretty good with the usual parrot fishes 
and other typical colorful fish.

There were chickens and large iguanas hanging around the picnic tables and Ken enjoyed feeding them rolls.  Henry arrived when he 
said and we continued to the ship. Very enjoyable and Henry gave us local flavor and even showed us his back yard and garden.
Very reasonable tour!

We also went to St. Peter Great House and Botanical Gardens, which was touristy but provided a good view, parrots and some native

All photos were taken with a Cannon PowerShot  S90 10MP camera.
All Video was shot with a Cannon PowerShot  S90 camera and converted to AVI with AWS Video Converter 6

Looking back to our ship (on left) docked at Havensight

The Governor's Mansion (White building with flags)

Power plant and oil terminal (yes, we got the deluxe tour)

Best Western Emerald Beach (Airport in background)

Cyril E. King Airport (STT) 

American Airlines Flight 625 crash site (1976 at the end of the runway,88 on board aircraft that day, 37 died)

Airport and power plant from the mountains

Super steep driveways

Radio towers on one of the higher points of the island

Inner and outer Brass islands

Looking over the entrance to Magens Bay and Great Hans Lollik Island.  
Little Tobago and Great Tobago islands in the distance (British Virgin Islands)

Forgot what these were.

Crown Bay Marina Cruise Pier with a Holland America ship in port

Looking across to Culebra island-municipality of Puerto Rico. Main part of Puerto Rico to the distant right 50 miles away

Magens Bay with the BVI's in the distance

Magens Bay with the BVI's in the distance with Great Hans Lollik and Little Hans Lollik Island in the distance 

A map

Hull Bay with Inner and outer Brass islands in the distance

Lizzard and various views around Magens Bay

After looking East and North we drove over to an overlook above Charlotte Amalie and provided a great view of the cruise ships
It did not have a name but was located at: 18.3503963N 64.9242693W El. 200 meters

Looking West towards Puerto Rico

Looking south at our ship (left) and St. Croix 40 miles to the south (our next stop) 

Crown Bay Marina Cruise Pier with a Holland America ship in port

Gas is cheap !

Lindquist beach (Smith Bay)
Located on the East End of St. Thomas

Thatch Cay (left) and Grass Cay (right) off of  and Lindquist beach

Iguanas at Lindquist beach.  Lots of entertainment as the Iguanas and chickens were running around

Mary saying goodbye to Henry at the cruise pier.

Celebrity Mercury

Christmas decoration in the mid 80's !  Sweet !

Various harbor views

Nice boat !


Night shots.  The S90 camera does well with low light and lots of movement

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