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Day 6, DEC 04, St. Croix - USVI

We decided to get off the ship and went to Cane Bay Dive Shop, which is right there when you get off the ship.  Their van 
leaves Cane Bay West every hour for a trip to the world famous Cane Bay Wall. The trip is about twenty minutes from 
Frederiksted through the tropical rain forest, over the "beast", past Carambola Golf Club, down to the spectacular North Shore.
The $32 fee included transportation, snorkel gear and chairs. Ken was happy since he was able to have a "Fresh-Fresh"-- 
Raspberry, pineapple & mango rums, passion fruit puree & lemon juice at Eat @ Cane Bay restaurant right next to the dive 
shop on the beach.

The beach is pretty long and they tell you where to snorkel and how far out the wall is.  I went to the buoy once, which was 
near where the wall began but it was a bit too far out from shore and I was snorkeling alone so stayed within the buoy line, 
which was 750 feet from the shoreline.  The diversity of coral and size of fish increased as I got near the buoys.  They said 
there were sea turtles but I didn't see any until we got back to the ship and one was right near the hull!  If we go back to 
St. Croix I'd like to see Buck Island National Monument, which is off Christiansted. We were impressed with the island's 
laid-back feel.

All photos were taken with a Cannon PowerShot  S90 10MP camera.
All Video was shot with a Cannon PowerShot  S90 camera and converted to AVI with AWS Video Converter 6

All alone today at the Ann E. Abramson Marine Facility, 1,526-foot pier. Voyager-class vessels can berth on the southern portion
of the dock. Eagle-class and smaller vessels may berth on either side. The platform of the pier is equipped with a fendering system
that is desighned for submarines. As an incentive to prospective cruise lines, VIPA has waived all marine fees for cruise ships
visiting St. Croix. 

Frederiksted waterfront

Cane Bay 

Vieques, island-municipality of Puerto Rico appx 40 miles away

St. Thomas (left) St. John (right) 40 miles away

Where the color changes is where the wall starts.  Appx. 750 feet offshore 

Back to Frederiksted, the Oscar E. Heney Customs House

The clock tower in Frederiksted

Fort Frederik was built by the Danish between 1752 and 1760. Over the years it served as jail, courthouse, police station, fire station
and telephone exchange. In 1976 it was restored. (looks like it needs restored again)

Pelicans near the dock

Tidal pools near the dock

Sandy Point Wildlife Refuge (south of the dock)
Nesting site for green, hawksbill and leatherback sea turtles.  Best secluded beach in STX. Watch out for sharks, as there is no 
protective reef here. 

Views of the Frederiksted area from the ship

Amazing sunset. (yup, lots of photos !)

Monika and Mary fighting the crowds watching the sunset

Fighting the sunset crowds

Passing by the southern coast of St. Croix where the industrial areas are (Hovensa Oil Refinery and Airport)  

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