Last Update: 26-DEC-2011

Day 5, DEC 09, San Juan - Puerto Rico

I will use the write-up from the last time we were here...

We arrived at 2 PM and with the 5 PM sunset it really does not give you much time to leave the city. We departed at 10PM for St Thomas.

I really wish that they would skip this stop.  I know what they say...  But, Puerto Rico is NOT the shining star of 
the Caribbean. Its a ghetto / dump !!  The only good thing is that you can load up on prescription drugs as the pharmacy's 
will sell you ANYTHING you want...  For a price !!

We walked up to Fuerte San Cristóbal and looked around on this extremely humid  85 degree day...  Because my cell phone is
ATT I was able to make some free call's (this works on St. Thomas too) back to the states.  

We stopped at Barrachina and paid $7.50 each for two Pina Coladas, as this was the birthplace of them. It was ok but not worth the $$

We were just happy to get back to the ship without being shot or run over !!

This ended up being our worst weather day of the cruise.  It was a great place to have a bad day !

All photos were taken with a Cannon PowerShot  S90 10MP camera.
Any Video was shot with a Cannon PowerShot  S90 camera and converted to AVI with AWS Video Converter 6

Started out sunny.  But that would change.

Security here.  Got to spend that homeland security money !

San Juan Harbor


MSC Poesia - MSC Cruises - 3605 passengers and terrible reviews so I wish them well.

Strange as they were pumping the fuel into the truck from our ship.

Christmas time at Plaza de Colón, San Juan, PR

Good place to stay out of the rain !

Narrow streets and high security !

Fuerte San Cristóbal with the stormy Atlantic in the background

Looking back at the ships

Police substation = less crime.  NOT !

Walking along Bulevar Del Valle which looks down on the slums of Barriada La Perla, San Juan, PR

Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzis Cemetery - Some scenes from the movie "Assassins" were filmed here.

El Morro, San Juan, PR - Fuerte San Felipe del Morro —or Castillo San Felipe del Morro in Spanish— is a sixteenth-century
citadel which lies on the northwestern-most point of the islet of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Named in honor of King Philip II
of Spain, the fort, also referred to as "El Morro" or "promontory", was designed to guard the entrance to San Juan bay,
and defend the city of San Juan from seaborne enemies. 

Parque del Quinto Centenario - Some battle sheep !

Iglesia San José, San Juan, PR

We made it back to the ship !  Some night shots from the Balcony.  Looks much better in the dark !

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