Last Update: 26-DEC-2011

Day 6, DEC 10, Charlotte Amalie - St. Thomas

It was a strange weather day.   The wave that was moving west across the islands stayed to the north today.  So, it looked
like it would rain but in the end we only had some brief showers.

Like last year we signed up with a taxi driver that I found on the web that had an impressive website and was very responsive: 
Henry Christopher, Triple E Tours. This year he took us (2 couples) to the Secret Harbor Beach Resort. Secret Harbor is located on 
the quiet East End of Saint Thomas away from the bustling downtown area. The low rise buildings all have an oceanfront location. 
On-site amenities include a large crescent shaped, palm lined beach, 3 tennis courts, fitness center, freshwater pool, dive/water 
sport center and a seaside restaurant.  Ken was able to buy drinks from the Blue Moon Cafe and we rented two chairs and an umbrella
from the dive shop for $20.   We will definitely be back here again !

All photos were taken with a Cannon PowerShot  S90 10MP camera.
Any Video was shot with a Cannon PowerShot  S90 camera and converted to AVI with AWS Video Converter 6

 Not looking good but we decided to go anyway.  In the end a good move !

Can't wait till we have prices like this in Maryland.  The commute to work will be much better !

Secret Harbor beach. The clouds stayed just to the north. The snorkeling was very good here--lots of coral and 
fish in a sheltered cove, and not at all crowded

Henry and Mary

Got the booze past the security bozos !

Lots of fruit !

Storm damage

Not sure what ASETHYLENE is

Harbor & ship views - Charlotte Amalie - St. Thomas

Enough said...    Something you would not generally see on a higher class cruise line

No sunset.  Everyone is gone. Various ship views

East end of St. Thomas

The main dining room from deck 5

Tonight's critter

More fruit for the Pirate Cove Buffet / Party

Excellent weather on a moonlit evening.  Another ship off in the distance

Long enough exposure and night becomes day (15 seconds)

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