Last Update: 26-DEC-2011

Day 7, DEC 11, Philipsburg - St. Maarten

We arrived in St. Martin and knew we wanted to go to Maho Beach, Sunset Beach Bar, to watch the planes land.  Another group was getting
a taxi at the stand where we had to wait, and tried to get us to join their island tour.  We knew we wanted to see the 747 land so had 
to go directly to the beach since nobody knew the schedule.  So we got a taxi and for $20 total we were dropped off at Maho Bay. 
We rented 2 chairs and an umbrella since we knew we had hours to relax and wait.  The weather was a bit cloudy but it never rained.
I snorkeled there last year and knew it wasn't the best but it made Ken happy.  Where else can you snorkel and have large planes flying 
directly overhead? I even found a dollar bill on the sea floor and dove down to retrieve it--my soggy dollar and thought it was an omen 
to go visit the Soggy Dollar Bar in Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands.
The planes started landing around 11:00 or so and the big one flew over @ 12:20, slightly ahead of schedule.  The hats flew off when the 
jet passed by but I didn't see anyone rolling backward from the jet blast. The sand blows back at you and must be hard on cameras.

  • MOVIE Jet arriving (wmv - 11 meg)
  • MOVIE Jet arriving (wmv - 9 meg)
  • MOVIE 747 flying over St. Maarten (wmv - 5 meg)
  • MOVIE 747 arriving (wmv - 15 meg)
  • MOVIE Jet Arriving (wmv - 6 meg)
  • MOVIE Jet departing - camera equipment being destroyed (wmv - 18 meg)
  • MOVIE Jet Arriving (wmv - 6 meg)
  • MOVIE Jet departing (wmv - 5 meg)
  • MOVIE Jet arriving - sound of air (wmv - 5 meg)
  • MOVIE Jet Arriving (wmv - 2 meg)
  • MOVIE 747 taxi - Twin engine prop arriving LOW (wmv - 5 meg)
  • MOVIE 747 depart (wmv - 16 meg)

    Welcome to St. Maarten

    Looking towards Princess Juliana International Airport from A.J.C Brouwer Rd.

    Looking down the runway from Maho Beach 

    No need to get up !

    Twin engine commuter arrivals.   

    Sunset Bar and Grill has the arrival times.  (Were not sure if it was for Sat or Sun)

    The famous warning sign

    Looking at the Sunset Grill and Saba 40 miles to the south.

    Looking down the runway

    Someone is having a bad vacation.   This ship was in port when we arrived and it looked like it needed some serious work !

    The KLM 747 arrives early.  Mary took the beach photo.  I was under the plane shooting the video 
    (I am standing below the second column from the left on the blue building in the brown shirt / gray pants)

    Twin engine commuter VERY LOW !   The lowest one of the day.  

    More jet arrivals  

    The 747 is on the move

    Most people we have seen.  Weekends are definitely busy !

    The 747 departure.  It was not that impressive

    Two ships in today.  Ours is on the right

    Cool shore protection

    Costa Luminosa  - Bigger than our ship but less passengers at 2,260

    Looking west to Saba.  My favorite island.   It's not on my Garmin GPS. It's appx. 28 miles away

    Saba above the date / time.  Sint Eustatius  on the right side of the flag appx. 35 miles away.  You can see Saint Kitts 
    to the left of the flag over 45 miles away.

    Looking at Philipsburg which is the largest settlement on Dutch side of island.

    Two frigatebirds

    Port facilities at Philipsburg

    Looking south

    Interesting that they cary prop parts.  Not sure how they could install it at sea ?  Interesting seating area up front.

    Departing St. Maartin

    Container port facilities at Philipsburg

    Darn.  A second 747 departing

    Very smooth and St. Kitts 45 miles away.


    Saint-Barthélemy (France) 15 miles to the southeast

    Excellent sunset 

    Excellent sunset - Saba on the left 

    Saba and a sailboat 

    Looking back at St. Maarten

    Porno ice cream dessert

    Sunday evening football at sea.   

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