Last Update: 26-DEC-2011

Day 11, DEC 15, At Sea

The ride back to Baltimore was very relaxing.  The weather was great and we were able to be out with no jacket and shorts
until the last day when we left the Gulf Stream off of Duck NC around 2:30pm.   The difference is amazing when you cross that
point.  It drops from mid 70ís to 50ís in 20 minutes or so.   The timing was fine as we had enough sun at that point and 
needed to start packing anyway.

All in all it was an excellent cruise.

Sunrise...   Since we are heading north our cabin is now facing east so its easy sunrise watching.

Strange weather.   Clear at sunrise and now cloudy.

The crew made the gingerbread village

This raindeer did not look happy.

The centrum looking up from deck 4

The day ended up being sunny and warm

 Sargassum seaweed as we are now in the western side of the Sargasso Sea.

Enjoying the ocean from our balcony

Sunset time again with some ship views

Mary all dressed up 

Blurry big dipper.

Pets at sea.  Strange...  Very strange !

Booze prices are not bad.

Day 12, DEC 16, At Sea

Sunrise...   The last one at sea

With the 3 way plug.  Lots of places to plug things in.

The damn glass table that I could not see in the dark and kept tripping over.  I assume it's glass to make the room appear bigger. 
I considered giving it a burial at sea.

Fruit...  And a GPS !  And another sunny day.  Now only 100 miles SE of Cape Hatteras, NC

Good idea for the garden

Starting to get cold but still sunny

Our last critter

How the idiot staff in the windjammer would block off sections !

Boring sunset

More desserts and the staff saying goodbye

The good safe to have vs. the credit card types

Day 13, DEC 17, Baltimore

Our take for the next year tax free !

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