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Trip to Kentucky, Virginia & West Virginia

All photos were taken with a Canon EOS-70D 20.2mp camera or a Motorola Moto-X
Any Video was shot with both cameras and converted with AWS Video Converter 6

Because my office is generally going to hell (not that I really care as I will retire in a few short years) we decided that it was best to take a couple of short vacations this year (around a week) vs. the usual 12-17 day ones that we have been taking. It makes it easier to fix things when I return to work and is less stress.

This trip to Kentucky covered a number of areas we wanted to see. One was the Bourbon Trail as it has been on Ken's bucket list for several years, along with Breaks Interstate Park. Also, Mary has wanted to go to Mammoth Cave for years and they happen to be in the same state!

The Bourbon Trail gives you a great introduction to the business of bourbon and educates you of the tastes and differences in bourbon brands. The distilleries are set in beautiful horse country and the historic nature is truly charming.

We were both impressed with the Kentucky area. It was cheap, very low stress and all the states that we traveled thru are gun friendly so I carried the entire time.

Frankfort - Capitol city of Kentucky was quite impressive with no crowds, clean and free parking.

We will definitely go back into this area in the near future as its very close and lots more to see.

We rented a Hyundai Santa Fe from Enterprise and the total cost was $258 Total miles traveled was a bit over 2,500.


Note: The waypoint numbers are present to force the program to display the path traveled.


Photos (756 photos taken on the trip)

  • Part 1 - Drive out - Kentucky Bourbon Trail - Mammoth Cave
  • Part 2 - Cumberland Falls, Cumberland Gap, southern West Virginia, Spruce Knob, Rocks & Dolly Sods


    Day 01 - Jun 05, 2014 - Thu - Drive out - Coopers Rock State Park - Mt. Stearling, KY Machpelah Cemetery
    Day 02 - Jun 06, 2014 - Fri - Kentucky Bourbon Trail - Frankfort, Kentucky
    Day 03 - Jun 07, 2014 - Sat - Kentucky Bourbon Trail - Buffalo Trace ghost walk
    Day 04 - Jun 08, 2014 - Sun - Knob Creek Farm - boyhood home of Abraham Lincoln - Mammoth Cave National Park
    Day 05 - Jun 09, 2014 - Mon - Cumberland Falls, Cumberland Gap - Breaks Interstate Park
    Day 06 - Jun 10, 2014 - Tue - Breaks Interstate Park - New River Gorge Bridge - The Cranberry Glades - Highland Scenic Highway
    Day 07 - Jun 11, 2014 - Wed - NRAO - Spruce Knob - Seneca Rocks - Dolly Sods Wilderness area - Drive home

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