Last Updated: 16-MAR-2016

Trip to Southern Utah

Majority of the photos were taken with a Canon EOS-70D 20.2mp camera, and on plane photos were taken with a Motorola Moto-X

For a detailed description of the Canon EOS-70D 20.2mp camera setup I am using, visit my Camera Page

Any video was shot with both cameras and converted with AWS Video Converter 8

This was the fourth and final trip of 2014 for us. Ken's office continues on its high speed travel to Hell and like the other trips in 2014 we decided to limit our days away vs. the usual 12-17 day ones that we have been taking. It makes it easier to fix things when I return to work and is less stress.

We have generally traveled to all the places that we covered on this trip, but it had been 11 years since we were in Utah. Also, this was about a month later than when we would usually go out west. In the end, the weather was great and we got to go almost everywhere we wanted to go.

Again, we were both impressed with the this area and really question why we don't live here.. It's cheap, very low stress, and gun friendly.

We flew out on Southwest Airlines. Again, they were great. Also, we try very hard to only go to places with a non-stop flight, so it was very easy to get here

We rented a Chevy Tahoe from Enterprise at the Salt Lake City Airport and since it was a 2014 it was almost brand new. The total cost was $566. Total miles traveled was a bit over 1,600.


Note: The waypoint numbers are present to force the program to display the path traveled.


Photos (1,393 photos taken on the trip)

  • Part 1 - Flight in, Drive to Moab, Arches, Canyonlands Island in the sky, Dead Horse State Park
  • Part 2 - Canyonlands - Needles District, Natural Bridges, Henry Mountains - Capitol Reef National Park
  • Part 3 - Capitol Reef part 2, Utah State Highway 12, Scenic Byway, Bryce Canyon National Park, Cedar Breaks National Monument, Brian Head


    Day 01 - OCT 08, 2014 - WED - FLY OUT - Drive 240 miles to Moab, Utah
    Day 02 - OCT 09, 2014 - THU - Explore Arches National Park, Utah
    Day 03 - OCT 10, 2014 - FRI - Explore Canyonlands National Park - Island In the Sky District - Utah - Day 1
    Day 04 - OCT 11, 2014 - SAT - Explore Canyonlands National Park - Island In the Sky District - Utah - Day 1
    Day 05 - OCT 12, 2014 - SUN - Explore Canyonlands National Park - Needles District - Utah
    Day 06 - OCT 13, 2014 - MON - Explore Natural Bridges National Monument, Henry Mountains - Capitol Reef National Park - Utah
    Day 07 - OCT 14, 2014 - TUE - Explore Capitol Reef National Park - Utah State Highway 12 - Scenic Byway - Utah
    Day 08 - OCT 15, 2014 - WED - Explore Bryce Canyon National Park - Cedar Breaks National Monument - Brian Head - Back to Provo - Utah
    Day 09 - OCT 16, 2014 - THU - FLY HOME

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