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Cademic, Inc

I placed this on the web because in searching for Cademic, Inc., I discovered that except for a few lines in some resumes not much exists on Cademic, Inc.

Cademic was a start-up venture specializing in computer assisted design of VLSI ICs I started in FEB 1984 but I believe that the company started in 1982 or 1983.

Cademic created an implementation of a portable Computer-Aided Design system for Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits (VLSI at the time). This system consisted of a graphical editor, logic and timing simulators, an optimizing silicon compiler and ancillary software tools. All of the software was implemented in C on a UNIX time-sharing system. The software for the design phase was transported to a microcomputer running CP/M-68k. The silicon compiler produced both nMOS and CMOS logic circuits.

Cademic had a leased Digital Equipment Corp (DEC) VAX 11-750 system and I was the system administrator for a period of time.

I started out as a Electronic Technician 1 making a whopping $15,300.00 a year. (I put more that that into my 401K now) but the $$ was good.

It was a fun place to work but very dysfunctional. After 6 months or so I knew that the company was doomed and verification came in DEC 1984 when I came in to work and discovered that the IRS had sealed and seized the company. Later I found that this was probably planned from the start as the owners and some of the major investors had done this sort of thing before.

But, I had fun in Arizona and met some nice people. And except for my family loosing $2500 in stock that we had bought (Yup, looking back that was stupid) it was a learning experience.

If someone is interested I scanned some of the manuals and can provide them if requested.

Cademic, Inc. 8700 E. Thomas Road Scottsdale, AZ. 85215

Also used this address:

Cademic Inc. P.O. Box 4698 Scottsdale, AZ 85261

Cademic leased the west side second floor in the front area of the Microsemi Building.

Names of the people at Cademic in the fall of 1984:

Julius Adewumi                    
Sherrie Arnhart
Frank Ayala        Engineering Technician
Bob Baryla         Software                 
Suzie Bailey                        
Roger Baine        Owner of Company.                          
Jeff Blankenship                    
Jack Blessington                    
Ray Bobek          Engineer                
Jean Bollhoefer                 
John Brooks                                        
Vivian Cowan                        
Sandy Dailey                        
Marie Doyle        Personnel                   
Tony Giallella                    
Lisa Hartly                         
Patrick L. Harvey  Software / Hardware and investor                   
Marcy Henderson                     
John Hoffman                        
Alex Johnson       Software (Died in 2003)                     
Kathie Johnson                      
Cinty Jorae                        
Larry Lunetta                      
Cheri Maat                        
Shawn Mozafarian                  
Bruce McClain      Software                      
Len Perinetti                      
Joe Scott                          
Judy Spencer                     
David Stiefbold                    
Lou Warshawsky     Software

MAR 2001

I drove by in the spring of 2001

MAY 1984

The finished workstation CLYDE = Custom Logic You Design Easily (C.L.Y.D.E.)

The VAX 11/750 with a TU-77 tape drive, A RA-60 Disk drive (I think) and a LA-120 console

Looking at the building from the west

The lab area where the IC prototypes were tested.

Office area views. Not much to see

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