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Work Trips

  • 2013-05 Mary's work trip to the San Francisco, CA area
  • 2012-05 Three days around Portland, OR
  • 2008-05 Mary's trip to San Diego

    Day Trips (from the Glen Rock, PA area)

  • Hyner View State Park
  • Tobyhanna State Park / Big Pocono State Park

    Geological / Topographic features of Pennsylvania

  • Penna Geologic features
  • Penna Geologic counties

    Geological / Topographic features of Maryland

    This is an interesting publication from 1965 that I took off of microfiche from the Maryland Geological Survey. Its Bulletin 28 and for people that live in Carroll and Fredrick county Maryland, most don't realize that they live in what was a very active mining area that was producing many heavy metals including gold. I lived in the Sykesville, Maryland area from 1988 to 1996 and explored many of these mines. The best preserved area was on and just north of the Fairhaven Nursing Home along the banks of Piney Run. We would park along RT32 and head west. The mines were obvious and it was not hard to remain undetected by the residents of Fairhaven.

    Another interesting area was just east of MD-32 (Sykesville Road) where it crosses Liberty Reservoir. Although being on public accessible land and because of that this area has been picked thru, you can still find some interesting minerals in the spring and after heavy rains.

    More old mines are located where Maryland 140 crosses Liberty Reservoir and you can find tailings on both sides of the road on the west side of the reservoir. Again this was 25 years ago and I am sure road expansion and utility work has destroyed many of these sites. Refer to the maps in the bulletin to try to figure out what is left

  • Copper Zinc Lead Iron Cobalt & Barite Deposits In The Piedmont Upland Of Maryland( 21 meg pdf so give it time to load)

    Maryland Geological Survey Vol-12
    Part 1: The molding sands of Maryland;
    Part 2: Notes on feldspar, quartz, chrome, and manganese in Maryland;
    Part 3: The serpentines of Harford County;
    Part 4: The gabbros and associated rocks of Harford County;
    Appendix: Report on the location of the boundary line along the Potomac River between Virginia and Maryland.
    336 p., 16 pls., 9 figs. Trainer, D.W., Jr., Singewald, J.T., Jr., Johannsen, A., and Insley, H., 1928.

  • Maryland Geological Survey Vol-12 (120 meg pdf so give it time to load)

  • Maryland County / High low points by county

    Pennsylvania / York County Information

  • York County Race by City / Township
  • York Political area maps
  • York County School District Map
  • Super Fund Sites in Penna.

    New Kensington, Pennsylvania History

  • 1966 New Kensington Jubilee Souvenir Book (135 meg pdf so give it time to load)

  • The Early Years of New Kensington, Pennsylvania

  • Yearly History of New Kensington, Pennsylvania (May finish it some day)

    New Kensington area municipality mining maps

    I always knew that the area was undermined but, these maps show the extent of the mining

  • Allegheny County Mined Areas
  • Allegheny Twp.
  • Arnold City
  • Cheswick Boro
  • East Deer Twp.
  • Frazer Twp.
  • Harmar Twp.
  • Harrison Twp.
  • Limestone Twp. (Clarion County)
  • Lower Burrell City
  • New Kensington City
  • Oakmont Boro
  • Plum Boro
  • Springdale Boro
  • Springdale Twp.
  • Tarentum Boro
  • Upper Burrell Twp.
  • West Deer Twp.

    New Kensington High School Yearbooks

  • New Kensington, PA. High school Yearbook 1938
  • New Kensington, PA. High school Yearbook 1943
  • New Kensington, PA. High school Yearbook 1944

    NOV-2007 Views of New Kensington, Pennsylvania from Agan Park.

    Agan Park is located across the river from New Kensington at a appx. elevation of 1,100 feet.

    The river is at 760 feet so you have a considerable drop-off for this part of the country.

    Looking across at Mt. Vernon

    Looking down at the parking garage that was built for the hospital that was closed a few years later. What a waste of $$$

    Looking down at the 9th street bridge.

    Looking north along the ridgeline

    Looking at the wires that run across the river. I wonder when they last inspected them ??

    Looking south where the elevation increases. If it was not so muddy I would have explored this area. (Next time)

    Looking back where I parked. This felt like a very good place to be packing... I was getting a real bad feeling but I was prepared !

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