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House and farm cats 2003 - 2017

Well, it's been almost 2 years since I updated the cat page. Our outside cat adventure was not a good one as Oscar disappeared in the Spring of 2015 and Felix disappeared in the spring of 2016. Of course, looking back is easy to judge that it was not a good idea to have these cats outside. We have a neighbor across the valley, google "Roy Gordon Lovell Glen Rock wildlife" and you will see that he loves to kill protected species. Well, I suspect that he shot and killed these cats (He actually admitted that he may have killed Felix) or the coyotes got them.

Roy now has many traps on his property "visible from SR-216" and I see a substantial drop in all the critters around here as he catches and drowns everything he can. I have reported this to the game commission but they don't care. This past summer we suspect that he shot a bald eagle but were not able to see the carcass before either he or other critters removed it. I would have loved to document that as it would have been something that the game commission could not have ignored. I do wonder if it was one of the Eagles from Codorus State Park and now its missing. All this is another reason we don't like living here anymore.

I fault the cats for not staying on my property as we have more than enough room but a cat is a cat. They were both fixed so it should have helped them stick around.

Oscar & Felix had a great time running around in our woods & fields. They would have hated being forced to live indoors after experiencing a life outside.

We still have ACE who is now 11 and lives outside and in the heated garage. He must be smarter and perhaps does not go off the property ?

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Late June 2016, I went down to get my truck inspected at R.L. Smith garage and they were trying to give away a number of kittens. Well, one of them walked up to me and allowed me to pick him up. This was an impulse cat acquisition as we were not looking for another critter at this time. I figured if I did not take it, the kitten would probably not make it as this is not a cat friendly place.

It was suffering from a upper respiratory infection that had to be treated but besides that it was healthy.

So the Tucson (we were in Tucson, AZ looking at houses when he was born) INSIDE cat adventure starts.

He is a very active cat and constantly runs around the house like a crazy man. Also, he always looks you in the face which is different from our other cats.

Photos oldest to newest

DEC 2016 - Relaxing on New Years Eve

DEC 2016 - Tuscon has been given the task to wash dishes in the new kitchen island sink

OCT 2016 - almost 6 months old

SEP 2016

Trying to get him to understand money

Eating with orange and getting bigger

AUG 2016

JUL 2016

New camera lens testing

Eating with orange and getting bigger

JUN 2016

In the back of my truck and cleaned up a bit at home

Oscar & Felix

We picked up two semi-outside cats from the Heavenly Paws Shelter near here in Seven Valleys.

JAN 2015 - Felix - He really seems to love the cold

DEC 2014 - Oscar & Felix

OCT 2014 - Felix

SEP 2014 - Oscar

JUL 2014 - Felix & Oscar

APR 2014 - Chasing a vole & Treat time & Oscar

MAR 2014 - Oscar & Felix

JAN 2014

We had a scare with Oscar (the short haired one) He disappeared for over 4 days. We spent a number of hours out looking and calling for him but he returned well fed and no signs of wear. His brother Felix was constantly searching for his brother and became much friendlier to us during this time.

We hope that this does not happen again. We assume he was at the barn appx. 2000 feet south of here which is not heated.

Felix & Oscar

DEC 2013

So, on Sunday DEC 15th they are now able to go in / out at will. I have two flipper doors that prevent other critters from coming in. First this door in the background then they have to jump up to a shelf appx. 4 feet up to enter the heated part of the garage. They are very cautious but its good to see that they are going outside. Hopefully someday they will come and visit up over at the house / patio appx. 400 feet from this location.

Little boy the cat goes through these doors and is constantly around the house. Hopefully they will follow his lead. Photos taken with a game camera

NOV 2013 - Sister cat Mia (on right) A very cute kitty... "Photo provided by Bec"

OCT 2013

I caught them sleeping in the engine compartment of the truck. It was not warm and I think they went for the confined space but, keeping the hood elevated prevents this.

These guys are really relaxed in the house. Had to have the garage door open so they came back to the library.

Out in the garage now - not letting them out till we get back from Costa Rica in mid-December. Also, we had a long roof replacement project and I did not want them out during that time with vehicles coming & going.

The garage is heated (I keep it at 55) and has a carpeted / elevated area with a couch. This is where they spend most of their time. We think that they like running around in this large area but these kittens have not become as friendly as all the other cats we have had in the past. We have treated them the same way but for some reason they are not like the others. This will probably be our last attempt with kittens. From what we have seen at the local shelter, many good adult cats need to be adopted to good homes.

SEP 2013 - Getting bigger. Still living in the house.

AUG 2013 - What a hard life

MOVIE Strange way to attack cheese (8 meg)

JUL 2013 - Getting bigger

Felix who we think may have some Maine Coon in him

Oscar who is a short hair and looks to have some tiger in him.

Relaxing in the library on the couch. We are keeping them in the house for a few weeks as the big garage has too many places to hide.


Lyle, he became a inside cat in NOV 2009

AUG 2016 - He claimes these chairs faster than we can.

JUL 2016 - Looks like a king in the back of the RTV in his chair

SEP 2014 - Orange on his cat tower

AUG 2014

MAY 2014

APR 2014

OCT 2013

JUL 2013

MAY 2013

DEC 2011

JUL 2010

APR 2009

MAY 2008

OCT 2007

The troubled teen years have been hard on orange.... Another bad day with his friend.... George Dickel Number 12

Orange with his bear....

Easy to get stuck in the couch cushion crack when you are up to 20 lbs !....

MAY 2007 - Lyle's sister Layla who died.

ACE - Outside cat

DEC 2014

JUL 2013

SEP 2011

JAN 2006

OCT/NOV 2005


DEC 2014 - Sierra looks the same at almost 11

MAR 2014 - Sierra on her chair

JUL 2010 - Sierra looking stuffed

DEC 2011,2010,2009 - Sierra in her Christmas Tree home.

Cody relaxing. Cody died on July 24, 2007 from Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA) Had been fighting it for almost two years. The breader Fuli Mun Cattery was told but really did not care. We talked to them when he first got it but when he died we sent them a letter informing them of the problem and we never got a response back from them. This was troubling as they are still selling cats that may have this problem.

Some more info on the cattery:


Audrey E. Freeman
Harold S. Freeman
406 Magnolia Rd.
Glen Burnie, Maryland 21061-3344
(410) 760-5418

MAY 2005 - So close.... But, yet so far....

NOV 2004 - Cody and Sierra close to a year old

APR 2004 - In March 2004 we got two cats. Cody and Sierra which are brother and sister and were born on 26-DEC-2003

The 17 year cadicas. We did not have them here but they were all around us.

TUX - Outside cat

Our first outside cat named Tux.

Sad to report that he died in June 2012 from a heart issue. I was lucky enough to be home and I took him to the vet and the news was bad.

He lived a good life and we still miss him.

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