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Tobyhanna State Park / Big Pocono State Park

Easy day trip. Up I83 to I81 to east I80. Then a few miles up I380 to PA423

177 miles total with around 3 hrs of driving.

Then on Big Pocono and then to Cabela's

A quick stop at Big Pocono State park then down PA33 to US22 then 78 to Hamburg. Total miles 82 with 1.5 hours of driving. Was surprised at how congested it was across US22

The park was nice. Level and during the middle of the week in November we only saw a few people. Next time we go up we will try to sit and watch a specific track area. I think hiking makes too much noise and the bears see / hear you coming.

Again, a nice park.

Hike Date was 10-NOV-2006

Hike looking for bears at Tobyhanna State Park

  • Map of Tobyhanna & Gouldsboro State Parks

    We did appx. 9 miles of hiking and saw many signs of bears (tracks / scratches / denning areas) but did not see any bears. Will come back in the spring.

    Old artillery shell along the Frank Gantz trail

    Some parts of the park had many depressions which could be crators ??

    Denning areas

    Scratches on the bridge across Tobyhanna Creek in the Bender Swamp.

    Tobyhanna Lake

    Big Pocono State Park

  • Map of Big Pocono State Park

    We rushed from Tobyhanna over to Big Pocono State Park as it was only 20 min away. Found a number of people watching the sunset from the 2,000 foot, excellent overlooks to the East, South and West.

    Looking Southwest

    Looking East towards the Delaware Water Gap


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