Last Updated: 14-AUG-2016

Hyner View State Park

Hyner View State Park is a 6-acre Pennsylvania state park in Chapman Township, Clinton County, Pennsylvania. The park is 6 miles east of Renovo and 3 miles north of Hyner on PA120. Hyner View State Park is surrounded by Sproul State Forest. The lookout area is bordered by a large stone wall that was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps during the Great Depression. The current access road from Hyner Run State park was built in 1949 (it also connects to a dirt road that leads to PA44). After the new access road opened, the first Flaming Fall Foliage Festival was held at the park. It has since outgrown the park and is currently held in nearby Renovo.

Hike Date was 10-OCT-2006

1,300 feet above the river.


Forest Fire Wardens Monument Erected in 1965 by the Forest Inspectors Association. The monolith is at the head of a low, keystone-shaped concrete wall. On each of the two long sides of the keystone are ten stones, one for each of the twenty state forests in Pennsylvania. Each stone is a rough cube in shape and each was taken from its respective state forest.

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